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The Local Agenda 21 of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

How did it all start?

In September 2008, the municipality of  WSP applied for the program "Agenda Iris 21" proposed by the Brussels Region. This program was meant to encourage the communes, with both a financial (150.000€ + 25.000€) and methodological support over 4 years, to put on a real action plan for sustainable development.

In February 2009, the College of Mayor and Deputy Mayors signed the Commitments of Aalborg. This document was drawn up in 2004 by a group of European municipalities with the purpose to give guidelines for the concrete implementation of sustainable development’s principles in the management of local collectivities.

The commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre began than, with the support of Bruxelles-Environnement, to work out its own action plan for sustainable development.

According to which methodology?

Both inhabitants and civil servants have taken part in the process. 8 “Forums 21” were organized for this purpose in 2009 and 2010.

The 3 steps of the action plan building:
1) to diagnose the assets and the weaknesses of the commune in regards with  sustainable development principles;
2) to set objectives in order to reinforce the assets and to reduce the weaknesses;
3) to select the concrete actions that will allow to reach these objectives.

What was the result?

The Agenda 21 of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre*: a plan of 70 actions to be implemented at the local scale. This document was ratified by the College of Mayor and Deputy Mayors as well as by the Municipal Council in December 2011.

On this internet site, the 5 chapters and 21 guidelines chosen by the College are presented in a dynamic way. The action sheets give detailed information about each project.

* in French and Dutch only